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Working at Vetoquinol: your future, their health, our family.  


At Vetoquinol, we are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of animals and People.

As a family business, we encourage relationships of trust, team spirit and flexibility. And for more than 85 years, we’ve been creating a company that’s based on trusted relationships with our partners and employees. 

"This philosophy is epitomised in our products, in the relationships we create with our partners and between ourselves, colleagues from all four corners of the world. We strongly believe that a relationship of trust gives rise to better products, better services and better People", says Chief Executive Officer Matthieu Frechin.
“这一理念体现在我们的产品中,体现在我们与合作伙伴、与来自世界各地的同事之间建立的关系中。我们坚信相互信任的关系会带来更好的产品、更好的服务和更好的人”,首席执行官Matthieu Frechin说。

Working at Vetoquinol means working at a veterinary pharmaceutical company that is committed to helping employees grow. 

"We believe that these attributes are genuine, make us stand out from our competitors, and are a source of inspiration for both candidates and our teams", says Isabelle Proust-Cabrera, Group Director - Human Resources.
“我们相信这些品质是真实的,使我们从竞争对手中脱颖而出,是候选人和我们团队的灵感源泉。”集团人力资源总监Isabelle Proust-Cabrera说。

With your talent, let's achieve more together!