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Vetoquinol’s history: a great adventure

It all began in 1933. In a pharmacy in the town of Lure, in north-eastern France, Joseph Frechin merged his dispensary with a business manufacturing pharmaceutical supplies for people. He called it "Laboratoires biochimiques de l'Est". An entrepreneurial man, Joseph started using the antiseptic properties of oxyquinoline to treat animals. The remedy, baptised “Vétoquinol”, quickly made a name for itself, and Joseph Frechin added a veterinary department to his laboratory.
这一切都始于1933年。在法国东北部Lure镇的一家药房里,Joseph Frechin将他的药房与一家为人类生产药品的企业合并了。他称之为“l'Est生物化学实验室”。作为一名企业家,Joseph Frechin开始使用羟基喹啉的杀菌特性来治疗动物。这个命名为“Vétoquinol”的疗法很快就出名了,Joseph Frechin在他的实验室里增设了兽医部门。

By 1970, to the immense satisfaction of veterinarians, the Vetoquinol catalogue included over 250 products.

Vetoquinol’s history: going international 

Since then, Vetoquinol has continued to develop a range of medicines and innovative solutions for our clients. With a desire to grow and expand internationally, we created our first subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Ireland and Belgium during the 1980s, allowing 20% of our revenue to be generated outside of France.

In 2004, we set up in China. And in 2006, stock market flotation allowed us to increase our international profile. By 2009, we’d established ourselves in India and by 2011, in Brazil. And thanks to the acquisition of Bioniche Animal Health in 2014, Vetoquinol is now directly present in Australia.
2004年,我们在中国成立全资子公司。2006年,股票市场的上市使我们的国际形象得以提升。到2009年,我们在印度成立分公司,2011年,在巴西成立分公司。2014年收购了Bioniche Animal Health,所以法国威隆在澳大利亚也开展了业务。

Today, we work in 24 countries in Europe, North and South America and the Asia-Pacific region. We have more than 2,500 employees and almost 60 distributors. During eight decades of Vetoquinol’s history, we’ve built a truly global network which allows us to be close to our clients all over the world.

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